At Ucafé we believe in giving you the best quality coffee at the lowest price. From the farmer straight to your cup. All our green coffee beans scored an average of above 80 in the SCA. We want to give you the best experience in the comfort of your home or business. From roasting our Famous Nicaragua Ranjuase Estate Honey to our Tanzania AA Arabica beans.


We supply large quantities of beans to businesses, restaurants, and small businesses. Our wholesale program is here to supply you with freshly roasted beans. Email or give us a call we would love to supply you with unbelievable coffee delivered to you.



At Ucafe Coffee Roastery we also package Nespresso compatible capsules. To package Nespresso Compatible Capsules  we use a special Capsule Machine imported from China that can pack and seal capsules of around 1200 in 60 minutes. We are one of only a few Roasteries capable of packaging Nespresso compatible capsules for our clients and also for other roasteries clients in need of capsules using their coffee.